Monday, December 8, 2008

Mayo's Big Day

These Mayo's sure seem to have a lot of birthdays... Now that we made it safely through Shannon's birthday, it was time to celebrate Dave. Yup, it was his, what year was it, oh yeah, 12th birthday. Nobody over 12 would have a birthday party at a bowling alley, right? Well, actually...

Get a bunch of adults, some beers that are shaped like bowling pins and ... balls... and that's where the story begins:

Here is the birthday boy. I can't think of an explanation for this dance that he is doing.

This is B-Rock before frame 2 in which he needed to be carried off the field due to a torn Hamstring. Way to take one for the team, Brock. Sorry the granny-style wouldn't cut it.

Ricky has been staring directly into the sun.

Josh is explaining that believe it or not, scoring in bowling is very similar to golf...

Panda and Crapper - just before the synchronization.

I enjoy this photo. It is a sight that I am very familiar with.

This sign has a lot of meaning, both to Brock with his hamstring injury, but also to Jason, who at this very same bowling alley, all but 9 years ago, cracked his head open. I am pretty sure that this sign was not up prior to that date. Good work hun!

Chugsy and Monkey, or as known to everyone else, Man-Shannon and regular-Shannon.

I bet these two make really cute babies.

I don't know what to say.

Heaz apparently owes her strike-victory to a Dave-Tushy-Touch.

This is fricken' amazing... it's like a music video!

Naturally, bowling involves shots and noogies...

Rickie, I am sorry if this gets you in trouble with Rachie, but this was just too good to leave out.

Dave apparently didn't read the part of the sign ( see above) that references the slick floor.

This was about to be bad. Josh, that wasn't your idea, right?

You may all remember Rickie as the champion-dancer from Shannon's birthday. Here again, he amazes us all.

Good work Team! It was an excellent day! Happy Birthday Dave! We love you!

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