Friday, December 26, 2008

civil disobediance at it's best

It's a bit out of order, but I wanted to throw in some photos from a memorable day. On November 15th, Andrew and I joined thousands of Seattle-ites to march in opposition of Prop 8. Here are a few images that stick with me... it is mainly peoples words that caught my eye.

The crowds convene...

"When injustice becomes law, revolution is duty"

You've got to admire the little ones...

The crowds grew as we headed south on Broadway.

Not sure about these guys... but as much as I may want to, I can't complain. They are as I am, are exercising their first amendment rights.

I am not going to say anything... if you can find the interesting part of this photo... enjoy!

There was a lot of hand holding.

I found this really funny. You should have seen the 50-something woman who was holding the sign.

Can't wait to check of that final box.

Thousands of people joined in Westlake Center for the celebration.

Dogs should always march in support of gay marriage!

"love defines marriage"


The Descriptionist said...

Is it possible to protest Prop 8 and still have your clothes on?

Because if it is, someone needs to tell Naked Man on the balcony!

My eyes still hurt.

Samatha Noelle Killgore said...

Good point... but this was no man. No, in fact this was QUITE the woman. And she was smoking a cigarette with a real-life theater-quality cigarette holder. Take a chance and look a little know you want to.