Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long, lost cousin

It has been way too long since I have seen these guys!!

Jo, Dale and Matt were in town and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to see them. I haven't seen my long, lost cousin Matt in nearly 15 years!! It was really cool catching up and finding out how much we have in common. Family is really cool like that. You can go ages without seeing each other and find out that you lead very similar lives.

Matt, congrats on finishing your Masters! Indiana Jones lookout! Jo and Dale (and Matty of course), you guys are waaay too much fun! Let's do it again soon!

I miss you guys already!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Get away to Alaska Lake

Jason and I decided that a short backpacking trip was in order for the weekend, so we grabbed the dog, our fly rods and our OR Nighthaven for two nights out in the wild, wild wilderness of Snoqualmie Pass!(?)

Jason has had his heart set on checking out Alaska Lake ever since we skirted the ridge above it on our PCT hike last summer. So even though it was only 6 miles in with minimal elevation gain (usually this is not nearly enough effort for three days in the woods), we thought we'd give it a go.

We drove out Friday afternoon and started up the Gold Creek trail at about 6:30pm. Things started off well, until our very own killer-in-a fur-coat Prusik decided to catch and kill a small bunny. (Never a good thing to start a backpacking trip with me crying ) But none-the-less, it was a beautiful evening and we trekked onward. We hiked until Sunset and found a nice little camp spot on the creek.

So much for getting up early the next morning. I could barely drag myself out of my cozy sleeping bag to get the day started. It was about 8:30 before we were finally on the trail again.

Not far from the last nights camp, we came across the much-told-of Alta Peak Avalanche. I wish I could do this scene justice with my words, but I'll fail miserably... so here just check out the photos.

It was absolutely incredible and slightly eerie to see that kind of destruction. Jason commented on how it would be wise for every backcountry skier to come take a look at this to gain a healthy respect for avalanches.

While the destruction of the slide path has apparently been turning hikers back all season, Jason and I decided to take the high road and traverse the top of the slide through all the slide alder. It was a lot of work, and very wet, but it safely got us to the other side.

A few fords, me falling in the creek, a steep fishing trail, some wildflowers and some more avalanche debris later and we arrived at Alaksa Lake. It was beautiful, and strangely very empty. It seems like such a beautiful alpine lake so close to Seattle and within eye-shot of the PCT would be a zoo. But nope, it was all ours, save for a few lone hikers on their way to Ridge and Gravel lakes.

Jason fished for hours, wearing holes in his fingertips from the grip on his fly-rod. Of course, true-to-form he caught a million and a half fish, the first on his second cast. I, on the other hand, got frustrated and gave up early (weird). I spent the remainder of the afternoon soaking up the sun, the smells, and the sounds of the forest. I love days like this!

Our relaxation at the lake wasn't to last long though, we had a date back in town with Jason's family to help celebrate his Grandma Barbara's 80th birthday. The alarm tolled just minutes before the sun came up. We cleaned up camp and were on the trail by 7:15am. In addition to trying to get home in time for our family date, we were racing the much anticipated weather that was brewing just to the west.

A few hours, a few fords, and a straight shot directly across the avi debris (against my better judgment) brought us back to our car just before 11am. We beat the weather by about an hour!

It was a wonderful weekend, my favorite kind in fact, where I can be in the mountains with my favorite boy, and my favorite dog and enjoying the simple things in life.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cat naps?... Dog naps

I took a lesson from Prusik today and took a nice long nap under a shady tree near the lake. I hope that in my next life I come back as a dog... they're on to something with all this laying around.

Do the Tri Tango

Yay Candice and Jenny!

I slept through the alarm this morning (I'm blaming mother nature) and missed the swim start... but I made it to Genessee Park in time to see these two super hero's finish the bike section and transition to the run. Of course they were in fine form, and were both smiling as they blew past me at the finish line. Well done ladies!

Jenny finishing the bike segment:

Candice always has to look her best, even during a triathlon! hee hee:

The super hero's of the day:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Play time

It's really honest-to-goodness summer time out there. I'm tossing my chores out the window for the day and I am going to play. I do think there is a nerf gun in my near future thanks to this guy...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Love is in the air

Congratulations to the lucky couples who are gettin' hitched this year:

Dan and Jess

Mike and Yuko

Dave and Kelly
Jeff and Deanna
Chris and Stephanie

Here's to a lifetime of laughter and adventure. Cheers!

Inspiration...and fish

In the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to become close with many people who inspire me in all aspects of life.

Kaj, while you are certainly among them, you will never convince me to eat fish out of a can.

Deep thoughts

Theres lots of thoughts in this head of mine:

1.)the safe return of a Bugabooing husband
2.)places worth being in the near future
3.)how does the dog sleep through everything?