Friday, December 26, 2008

civil disobediance at it's best

It's a bit out of order, but I wanted to throw in some photos from a memorable day. On November 15th, Andrew and I joined thousands of Seattle-ites to march in opposition of Prop 8. Here are a few images that stick with me... it is mainly peoples words that caught my eye.

The crowds convene...

"When injustice becomes law, revolution is duty"

You've got to admire the little ones...

The crowds grew as we headed south on Broadway.

Not sure about these guys... but as much as I may want to, I can't complain. They are as I am, are exercising their first amendment rights.

I am not going to say anything... if you can find the interesting part of this photo... enjoy!

There was a lot of hand holding.

I found this really funny. You should have seen the 50-something woman who was holding the sign.

Can't wait to check of that final box.

Thousands of people joined in Westlake Center for the celebration.

Dogs should always march in support of gay marriage!

"love defines marriage"

White Christmas.... in Seattle?

This was a week before Christmas. The best part of this photo is that I took it because I was impressed by the amount of snow and how icey it was... Little did I know, it was about to get a lot worse (or better as far as I am concerned )! This has been an exciting winter for Seattle. Hooray for urban snow!

Jason and at our local dog-run-around-like-crazy zone...

Here's the fam...

When the snow started to disappear the super cold temps set in, turning all the melted snow into pure ice. Teresa and I nearly died trying to get this photo on Pine street just up from Pike Place Market. We had an awesome day of Christmas shopping, drinks and Irish stew at Kells (a fantastic Irish Pub on Post Alley) but that was cut short because another blizzard just started brewing. I wanted to get outta dodge since I was relying on public transportation (which as anyone who lives in Seattle knows, completely crashes in 1/8 of an inch of snow).

On Christmas Eve Jason, Prusik and Iventured over to my parent's place to begin the holiday festivities. I had to include this photo because I was impressed by how deep the snow in the front yard was (as evidence from Rosies wheels being 1/2 buried).

The comfort of Mom and Dad's house on Christmas morning.

Ignore the tree... I was too excited about all the snow falling out the window! A White Christmas in Seattle! Yay!

Me and the Mo.

It is virtually impossible to get this dog to stop moving...

Dad is Russian for the day. Here is he braving the elements to make sure the birds get their Christmas Day feast.

Me and Grandma.

I love that this looks like a sappy Christmas Card. Its not. That's a REAL dog and a REAL tree.

Lyndsy and Jesse... Lyndsy was smiling until I got the camera out.

I figure that giving Prusik food and shelter gives me the right to dress him up from time to time.

I may have to make my hand-modeling a full time gig if I don't find employment in Boulder.

After breakfast and presents at Mom and Dads, it was time to venture over to the insane asylum where we found the patients wearing nice new sweaters! Okay really, that's just Brian and Dean keeping things exciting! Thank god that was a joke. I was worried there for a bit.

I met Emma when she was 5. I can't believe it... now almost 16 she is now a Shannon-Mini-Me.

We ended the night at the Mayo's mountain retreat where we had an awesome dinner. We celebrated it in true English style with Christmas Crackers and all... Crowns all around!

Here's the Mayos (with special guest Indy)! You may remember them from such posts as Tuna turns 30! and Mayo's Big Day!. Thanks for the amazing night you two!

A rousing game of XBOX karaoke scared Glen out of the house. Sorry Glen, but this was way too much fun!

Thanks to all the Best's, Lucas', Rogers', Vergins, Killgore's, Sargent's, Sano's, Mayo's, Mangiantini's, and Beaumonts for an amazing Christmas! We had a blast!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Changing Tide

I try to be a positive person, but recognize that sometimes I can get caught in a tide of negativity. While being in this spot is never fun, I greatly appreciate watching the world around me work to bring it all back to a peaceful equilibrium. This is just the beginning of the changing of the tide:

+ Seeing a stranger hand a homeless person a fist-full of change
+ Receiving a personal Haiku from a close and wise friend
+ Spying a group of co-workers laugh together as they work to decorate their company Christmas tree
+ Feeling the warmth of the glow that is cast from a house that is being consumed by holiday lights
+ Finding new friends that I almost didn't know I had
+ Watching a dear friend sort out the romantic plans of the rest of his life
+ Having the man of my dreams reach out to hold my hand

The best part, is that this is only the beginning.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mayo's Big Day

These Mayo's sure seem to have a lot of birthdays... Now that we made it safely through Shannon's birthday, it was time to celebrate Dave. Yup, it was his, what year was it, oh yeah, 12th birthday. Nobody over 12 would have a birthday party at a bowling alley, right? Well, actually...

Get a bunch of adults, some beers that are shaped like bowling pins and ... balls... and that's where the story begins:

Here is the birthday boy. I can't think of an explanation for this dance that he is doing.

This is B-Rock before frame 2 in which he needed to be carried off the field due to a torn Hamstring. Way to take one for the team, Brock. Sorry the granny-style wouldn't cut it.

Ricky has been staring directly into the sun.

Josh is explaining that believe it or not, scoring in bowling is very similar to golf...

Panda and Crapper - just before the synchronization.

I enjoy this photo. It is a sight that I am very familiar with.

This sign has a lot of meaning, both to Brock with his hamstring injury, but also to Jason, who at this very same bowling alley, all but 9 years ago, cracked his head open. I am pretty sure that this sign was not up prior to that date. Good work hun!

Chugsy and Monkey, or as known to everyone else, Man-Shannon and regular-Shannon.

I bet these two make really cute babies.

I don't know what to say.

Heaz apparently owes her strike-victory to a Dave-Tushy-Touch.

This is fricken' amazing... it's like a music video!

Naturally, bowling involves shots and noogies...

Rickie, I am sorry if this gets you in trouble with Rachie, but this was just too good to leave out.

Dave apparently didn't read the part of the sign ( see above) that references the slick floor.

This was about to be bad. Josh, that wasn't your idea, right?

You may all remember Rickie as the champion-dancer from Shannon's birthday. Here again, he amazes us all.

Good work Team! It was an excellent day! Happy Birthday Dave! We love you!